OpenGym TX

Why OG?

At OpenGym, we cater to all – creating unforgettable moments whether it’s for rigorous practice sessions or purely for the love of the game. OpenGym is more than just a sports facility: it’s where aspirations meet innovation, and fun blends with function.

Who is OpenGym for?

Short Answer: Everyone

Are you a parent or coach seeking the ideal space for game-time drills and consistent progress tracking? Or perhaps you crave a relaxed shooting session with a friend while your favorite tunes boost the ambience. Maybe, it’s time to transform your family game nights from casual tabletop clashes to an exhilarating hardwood showdown. Not to mention all of the content creators that use our space to curate that special video using our state of the art sound systems and lights. Our customers know that OpenGym is their studio, and their stage to develop and inspire as the motivation comes. 


Imagine being able to concentrate on nothing but your shots, your techniques, your routines with ZERO DISTRACTIONS. Just you and your focus. For as many minutes as you like, and away from as many distractions as you choose to block out.

Pro Level Training

OpenGym gives options to its trainers and competitors — optimized, private training space with real-time stat tracking and archiving – all at an affordable cost. You can even bring your own trainer!

Measurement Lab

OpenGym provides what few, if any, facilities can offer athletic competitors — optimized, private training space with real-time stat tracking and archiving – all at an affordable cost.


With OpenGym’s membership model, you can now schedule your workouts in advance. As a member you have access to the calendar to book all of your workouts in advance which ensures that you can keep a steady routine. 

Based on 5 reviews
July 31, 2023
Being a supporter of Open Gym LLC since they opened has been an incredible experience for both my son and me. The Denton facility's new technology has significantly enhanced his basketball training, allowing him to shoot baskets from all angles and improve his skills in an engaging and effective way. I'm delighted to see the positive impact it has had on his development as a basketball player and will serve him well as a basketball player at Marcus High School.
Sharon Edmondson
Sharon Edmondson
July 10, 2023
Hands down the BEST spot to work on your basketball game! Incredible technology! Use their trainers, bring your own, and/or just work on your game your way . . . all while listening to your personal playlist and working at game speed in your own private space that you rent out. It’s fabulous and my girls all time favorite spot to work on their game and get in some training.
Scott Williams
Scott Williams
July 3, 2023
My son has been training at OpenGym with Chris for a few months now and his shooting and ball handling have improved tremendously. What’s great about OpenGym vs. other basketball gym rentals is you don’t need to rent an entire court or even a half court to get all of your work in due their proprietary rotating backboard technology.
Mike Pouncy
Mike Pouncy
June 29, 2023
One of my favorite places to traing. The technology is top knotch and the gym is committed to being innovative.
Jay Casteel
Jay Casteel
June 20, 2023
Great facility and gym for basketball training. My son went here and got a serious workout in, thanks to the program Open gym lays out for him. Great gym concept, awesome atmosphere and helpful team and staff. Will be back again!!

So…Why OpenGym?

Because we’re as serious about elevating the sports training environment as athletes are about elevating their game.