OpenGym TX

Our Story

Every athlete knows that focus, grit, and relentless determination lay the foundation of greatness. But it is practice that polishes raw talent into a masterpiece.

This was the challenge that drove the inception of OpenGym.

There was a gap in the market: too many budding athletes vying for limited gym slots. This led to cumbersome multiple memberships, shared court spaces, and other hurdles that diluted the focus on true performance.
Our founder decided it was time for change. He envisioned a gym that wasn’t just a fun place to practice, but also a catalyst for each athlete’s journey from good to great.
This led to the birth of SkinnyGyms™ brought to you by OpenGym TX, a unique sports facility designed to eliminate the obstacles of traditional training environments. Combining space optimization and advanced engineering technology, OpenGym is more than a practice area. It is a revolutionary training setting, crafted for athletes and trainers who are determined to push their boundaries and advance the game of basketball.
OpenGym stands as a testament that when performance meets innovation on the court, the game truly evolves.
Join our journey to redefine basketball training.

SkinnyGyms™ Core Values

Be the ever evolving resource. Not a cool idea or trendy fad. There is a big difference in being a creator and being a problem solver.

The embodiment of trust, loyalty, and resolve in a single phrase. How do you show up to play every single day and how are you preparing and adding value when eyes aren’t on you running the floor

Is there still a burning desire that keeps you up at night and wakes you up in the morning? Passion + Purpose = Everyone benefits

Passion Core Value

Unleash Your Full Potential

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